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Max Reboot | Recovery Shots

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Max Reboot | Recovery Shots

Max Reboot | Recovery Shots


Max Reboot features a special blend of active ingredients to give you that feel-good boost to recover from your hangover. Ginger, steps in to calm your stomach and kick nausea to the curb. Valerian, tinkers with GABA receptors for an all-around positive emotional vibe. White Willow Bark, the OG of aspirin, offers relief from inflammation and pain. And the grand finale? Max Reboot packs a punch with B-vitamins and electrolytes, rushing in to replenish what alcohol swiped away. Our formula is carefully designed for peak effectiveness, allowing you to enjoy your night out, wake up, and effortlessly reboot for the new day.

  • 12.5mg of caffeine helps wake the body up while the rest of the ingredients kick into action
  • Available in Spicy Mango, Blackberry and Lychee flavors

How does Reboot Compare?

Cause and Effects

The Magic of Max Reboot

· Alleviates Headaches
· Relieves Nausea
· Prevents Hangxiety
· Fully hydrates

Reboot: The only patented formula designed to provide relief from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Scientifically formulated with the right dosage of the perfect combination of ingredients.

U.S. Patent 11,590,140 B1

Let Customers Speak for Us

Max Reboot is my new go-to! Completely eradicated my hangover symptoms. It's a lifesaver!

Morgan K

Flavor isn't the greatest, but this stuff works so it doesnt bother me as much

Stefanie T

Caffeine free Reboot is a game changer! I take it before going to bed and I wake up fresh and ready, almost as if I stayed in last night

Trent M

The flavor is interesting, it leans towards medicinal but hey if it makes my headache go away I'll take it!

Dylan F


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