About Us

PSR Brands, LLC was formed by a group of Entrepreneurs and Scientists dedicated to providing our customers with the safest and most effective functional beverages. In light of the ineffectiveness and toxicity of many functional beverages today, our scientific team works diligently to identify and obtain only safe and effective materials. Through extensive research and development, we have surmounted many obstacles associated with ineffective and unsafe ingredients. We strive to maintain both safety and effectiveness to improve the daily lives of our customers.

Research and Development

The PSR Brands, LLC Research and Development team comprises highly trained Scientists in Biochemistry (Ph.D.) and Medicine (M.D.). Exhaustive literature reviews, along with laboratory research on our functional beverage formulations, allow us to choose the safest and most efficacious natural ingredients with very minimal side effects.

Laboratory: Ingredients Testing and Quality Control

PSR Brands, LLC houses a state-of-the-art laboratory for research and development and stringent quality control/quality assurance testing of all raw materials and manufactured ingredients. Quality Control Scientists at PSR Brands follow strict protocols to ensure customers receive the safest and most effective functional beverages. Additionally, we review detailed certificates of analysis for each raw material and then perform analytical testing at our lab to confirm the data.

Our Eco-System

PSR Brands, eco-system was designed to support PSR Brands rapid growth, each one of the companies serves other clients other than PSR Brands.

Voltanik is a full graphics and packaging design studio and printing facility with expertise in the beverage industry. Voltanik designs and produces most of the POS, silkscreens and embroider swag items, prints banners and has full capacity for high speed digital printing.

Alpha Promos services include consumer collective, consumer listening, field activations.

DSD Logistics, is a DSD distributor that cover most of east Texas, covering most independent small format stores. DSD Logistics portfolio includes beverages, shots & snacks.

New Caney Beverage is a beverage and powders co-packer. NCB has the capability to produce aluminum cans (pasteurized), shots, PET, powders, stick-packs.